TwistBlock Factory

Produce and sell your own TwistBlocks independently and create employment opportunities.

We support you in setting up and launching a TwistBlock factory.

We support independent organizations / individuals in setting up TwistBlock factories by:

  • Assisting with factory design and implementation
  • Technical support for construction
  • Training for TwistBlock manufacture
  • On-going quality control assistance
  • Specialist mix-design to suit the local raw materials

TwistBlocks are manufactured in the first Start Somewhere factory in Kibera, Nairobi.

A second, independent factory is about to begin production in Ahero.
A third factory will start production in South Africa before the end of 2022.

TwistBlock moulds from PERI are being produced in an existing PERI plant in South Africa since this year.

Start your own TwistBlock Factory

Become one of the first retail sellers and receive technical support and training from Start Somewhere.