We aim to change living
conditions of vulnerable
communities from inside.

Innovative & sustainable
Twistblock construction

Produced and applied
by the local residents.

Who we are – what we do

From architectural planning to construction and factory planning

Sustainable improvement of living conditions in disadvantaged regions of this world with our TwistBlocks building system.

Start Somewhere is a non-profit GmbH from Munich with eleven years of experience in development cooperation in informal settlements. Specifically, we have developed TwistBlocks, a flexible, reusable, cost-effective and fire-safe construction system for buildings in disadvantaged regions.

Start Somewhere Impact in Kenya

TwistBlock factories
permanent local jobs
TwistBlocks sold
Local TwistBlock buildings (4 school buildings)

Our Services

We are the TwistBlock experts – From architectural design to construction and factory planning.
Building system

With Twistblocks, you build homes for life with fewer resources, more cost-effectively.

Planning, visualization and construction

Project planning, architectural design of TwistBlock buildings, project and construction management

TwistBlock Factory

You want to start your own business and sell TwistBlocks?
We will support you in this.

This is TwistBlocks

Fast and easy construction with lower costs: Certified by Kenya Bureau of Standards
AFFORDABLE LIVING SPACE: Fewer building materials and a shorter construction time mean lower construction costs.
DECONSTRUCTABLE & REUSABLE: 80% of the blocks can easily be dismanted and reused.
MORTAR-FREE WALLS: Thanks to the interlocking block design, no mortar is required to join the layers, making TwistBlock up to 10 times faster to install than traditional bricks.
IMPROVING LIVES: Twistblocks are made by local people in the informal settlement of Kibera in Nairobi. Opening a factory in your neighborhood can also improve the livelihoods of people in your community.
FLEXIBLE FLOOR PLANS: Wall segments can be infinitely folded to maximize available space, which is especially important in irregular site conditions such as informal settlements.
FIRE SAFETY: Cement blocks are naturally fire resistant and provide additional protection in densely populated areas that are prone to fires.

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3. November 2023

Our trip to Nairobi: Encounters, successes and challenges

At the beginning of October, we, the founders of Start Somewhere, had the opportunity to travel to Nairobi again after four years. For us, it was something very special to…
2. November 2023

The world’s first dismantable TwistBlock factory: A milestone for sustainable construction

We are very excited to tell you about our world's first 100% degradable TwistBlock building. After weeks of hard work and dedication, our team in Kibera is proud to announce…
6. July 2023

New Mobile Factory in Kibera East in Operation

Our new factory , the world's first 100% degradable TwistBlock building, is now operational. Developed in collaboration with the german engineering office Dittrich, we have implemented an alternative foundation system…