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Our new factory , the world’s first 100% degradable TwistBlock building, is now operational. Developed in collaboration with the german engineering office Dittrich, we have implemented an alternative foundation system using individual TwistBlocks filled with gravel. This unique method ensures easy dismantling while maintaining structural integrity. Despite being located in a flood zone, we have successfully created a degradable and material-saving point-foundation construction technique. Additionally, we have partnered with local startup “Gjenge Makers” to utilize their recycled waste plastic paving stones for our floor. These non-glued stones, laid on a gravel bed, offer robust support and have been tested to withstand the weight of trucks and our building’s walls. Our windows and doors are securely bolted to specially designed filled stones integrated into the wall, providing a technically advanced and adaptable solution.

The team of 5 production workers was trained in our existing factory in Kibera West and produces up to 130 TwistBlocks per day.

In addition to these 5 permanent new jobs, many casual jobs were created during the construction for residents of Kibera who were also trained in the building method and are thus qualified to work in future building projects. The workers who carried out the construction of the manufactory are very proud and enthusiastic about the new construction method.