new construction system


During the development of the new Start Somewhere construction system, various requirements for the special situation in slums were taken into account:

Flexible floor plans: In order to make maximum use of the mostly uneven slum land areas, the wall segments can be folded steplessly.
De-constructable: Since slums are informal settlements, residents can only own the buildings but not the land and lose their dwellings, for example as a result of government road construction measures. The mortarless construction system makes it possible to dismantle the buildings manually and reassemble them elsewhere at any time.
Affordable housing: Thanks to the material-saving use of concrete, the new buildings are not only more beautiful and of higher quality, but are also similarly inexpensive to the usual construction methods using mud, wood and corrugated iron.
Fireproof: In slums, fires often occur which spread quickly due to the dense population and the wooden construction. The new construction system completely dispenses with the use of wood.


Original Fundraising Video from 2016