Construction phase 2: The construction of the upper floor of Oloo’s Children Centre

The construction of the second floor of Oloo’s Children Centre has reached its last steps. In our blog post “Construction Phase 1: The construction of the first floor of Oloo`s Children Centre” we have already outlined the process of building the first floor.

The construction of the upper floor also had to take place without Oliver von Malm being present. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, he is not able to travel to Nairobi yet. Therefore Oliver’s plans and visualizations on the second floor provided an important basis for the successful construction and finally the completion of the project.

Lazarus Asewe, our local project manager, regularly consults with Oliver via video call and keeps him up to date. On the one hand, Oliver regrets not being able to supervise his project there, but on the other hand he is very impressed with the team in Kibera: “It makes me very proud how the project is taking shape in such a short time and with so many dedicated employees!

Many elements from the construction of the first floor can be found on the upper floor. Due to the extraordinary speed of the construction of the first floor, we were naturally very excited to see how quickly our team would raise the upper floor. All team members are working together and doing their best to open the school as soon as possible to provide a great learning environment for teachers and children.

To give you an idea of the second phase of this construction, we will split the construction into several steps:

1. The stones required for the construction of the upper floor were manufactured in StartSomewhere’s local manufactory in Kibera.

2. The first stone row for the upper floor of Oloo’s Children Center was placed.

3. Our hollow concrete blocks were placed row after row. The walls grew higher and higher. The first windows and doors were also integrated in the upper floor.

4. Half of the stones of the upper floor were laid so quickly. After just two days. about 80% of this floor was already complete!

5. Last steps of the upper floor and casting were completed.

6. The construction of the roof was 100% completed in just two days. The final step of the project is to equip the classrooms with furniture and school inventory.


We are incredibly proud that the project is now approaching its end. All participants of the construction have always and all the time performed at their very best. This enabled us to stay on schedule and keep within budget. Soon we will be able to put our energies into new and exciting projects. But first we have to finish this huge and for us very special project by making many school kids more than happy.