Completion of the construction project: The new Oloo’s Children Centre is finished!

In our latest blogpost “Construction phase 2: The construction of the upper floor of the Oloo’s Children Centre” we reported about the completion of the two floors as well as the roof in September 2020. Despite the adverse circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, due to which our architect Oliver von Malm was unfortunately unable to supervise the construction in Kibera, the construction of the upper floor and the roof were completed in record time. We are very proud of what a great job our team did on site under the guidance of Lazarus Asewe!

Now that the outside of the building is complete, all that is left is the work inside the building. Here again, all the team members in Kibera are doing their best: the sanitary facilities are being installed, the screed laid, doors fitted and the window and door frames painted. All the rooms were made ready to move in and become a place where the students can feel comfortable and learn well.

After six months of construction, during which more than 7,200 bricks were manufactured on site in our own hollow concrete block factory and installed in the school building, the big moment has arrived: The new Oloo’s Children Centre, the world’s first building constructed entirely from our newly developed hollow concrete blocks, is ready for occupancy. The school offers space for 400 children in the middle of Kibera. When the Kenyan government decided that the children in Kenya are finally allowed to be back at school in the classroom, the joy on all sides was enormous as the students and teachers inaugurate their new school.

Finally, we have also found the perfect name for our certified hollow concrete blocks: the Start SomewhereTwistBlocks. Our TwistBlocks already have their own website, where you can read everything you need to know and plan your own projects with the TwistBlocks.

By the way, besides the completion of the school construction, the next projects with our TwistBlocks have already started. Together with our new partner NGO Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) we already implemented some projects earlier in the year. A landscape project of KDI was built with our system. Oliver created the construction plans for the planned seating on the grounds of the KDI Primary School in Kibera and Start Somewhere delivered the required 720 bricks from the manufactory to the KDI construction site.

We were also commissioned to renew the fencing at Global One High School, which was in need of renovation. 420 TwistBlocks were manufactured and installed on the basis of Oliver’s construction plans.

We are proud that with our stones we not only realize big projects like the Oloo’s Children Centre, but that we can also support many smaller projects. In this way, we are getting closer to our big vision step by step.

For 2021 we already have many more great projects in planning, which we will report about very soon.