After months of planning and preparation, which included the establishment of a Kenyan NGO with two local founding members and the appointment of a Kenyan project manager, Start Somewhere will be able to start building the concrete hollow brick factory in Kibera in August 2019. This will be followed by hiring the local team, training them in the manufacture of the concrete blocks and starting production. In November, a first test wall will be erected in front of the factory. Both the local workers from the factory and local craftsmen from Kibera had the opportunity to learn how to use the new construction method. The Manufactory now bears the logo “Start Somewhere Kenya” and the slogan “Change From Inside”. People from Kibera come to the factory almost daily to learn more about Start Somewhere and the new building method. Currently the stones for the construction of the new school from April 2020 are being produced in the factory by the Start Somewhere Kenya team.




After four years of development the time has finally come. Start Somewhere can present the new flexible, manually assembled and deconstructable, cost-effective and fireproof construction system for buildings in slums. The declared goal is now to build a workshop for the production of concrete hollow blocks and a school building as the first prototypes in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi by 2020. As part of the “develoPPP.de” funding programme, this project is co-financed by DEG from public funds of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

An integral part of Start Somewhere’s charitable commitment is the financing of two daily meals for 500 students of the Global One Promary School in Kibera. Start Somewhere also supports the Oloo´s Children Centre with donations for rehabilitation, school purchases and medical emergencies.


Start Somewhere can win PERI GmbH – one of the world’s leading companies in the field of formwork and scaffolding technology – as a technology partner for the development of the construction system. For this reason Oliver, Kristina and Silvia decide to rededicate the non-profit association to a non-profit GmbH, in order to bring the charitable purposes and the economic interests under a hat. Together with a professional team of civil engineers and material scientists, the concrete hollow block is to be developed to prototype maturity and submitted for patent under a research contract.



In 2016, Oliver von Malm has finished his master thesis in Architecture and Start Somewhere has become a Non-Profit Organization with dedicated members. Oliver`s master thesis is about the construction of a new school building that shall be built by the slum residents.
Here you can see the fundraising video: Link to Vimeo



Oliver von Malm, a student of architecture from Innsbruck/Austria, visits Kibera Slum in Nairobi/Kenya – one of the biggest slums in Africa und worldwide.
Dedicated unpaid teachers founded the schools for the children whose parents cannot afford to send them to public schools. In 2011 most of the children came to school without breakfast, because their parents can only afford one meal a day. Due to constant hunger it was hard for the students to concentrate. At their own expense the teachers tried to provide food for the children and therefore had to work at night. To support these great teachers and their students Oliver founded “Start Somewhere” and has conducted regular fund-raisers since then, using this logo.
In the past 4 years “Start Somewhere” was already able to make a difference through numerous private donation events in Innsbruck and Munich, personal effort in Kibera and the cooperation with two other NGO´s. For example payment and education for teachers, breakfast, lunch and trips for students, teaching materials such as tables, books and pencils, new class room and the construction of a terrace with a sewage system. A tailor’s shop was founded together with the students’ parents to financially support the school.