Start Somewhere is a non-profit limited organization from Munich with nine years of experience in development cooperation in one of the largest slums in Africa: Kibera, Nairobi (Kenya). The vision of Start Somewhere is the sustainable improvement of living conditions in the slums of this world. In concrete terms, Start Somewhere is developing a flexible, reusable, cost-effective and fireproof construction system for buildings in slums. The resulting hollow concrete blocks can be assembled and disassembled by hand as a modular, mortarless plug-in system. For the first time, any angle can also be realised steplessly in the floor plan.

In this way, the first school building is currently being constructed as a pilot project in Kibera. Start Somewhere has enabled slum residents to produce the hollow concrete blocks for this building by themselves in a workshop on site. Besides better housing, jobs and a local construction industry are created to keep the added value in the slum.

As a non-profit organization, Start Somewhere supports two schools in the Kibera slum with currently over 800 children through donations. This includes two daily meals in the school, medical care and equipment for the schools. Donate now